How to order a sculpture?

If you have a specific or general idea of the sculpture you would order, the sculpture will be made according to your wishes. Even if you have no idea, the sculptor will, in cooperation with you, devise an adequate sculpture design. Feel free to contact us for any information.

How much does it cost to commission a custom sculpture?

Price of the sculpture depends on several factors. It mostly depends on the material, dimensions and amount of detail. for example, a sculpture of a cartoon hero would have a lower price than the realistic appearance of a man or an animal.

The price can be lower if you order more than one sculpture.

What dimensions can a sculpture be?

The size of the sculpture depends on the order, it can be life-size or several times larger. The minimum dimension of sculptures that you can order is 30 cm, in terms of large dimensions, there is no limit but it is necessary to order the sculpture at least a few months in advance.

Can the sculpture be altered during the sculpting?

It is best that the appearance of the sculpture is specifically determined before the sculpting process. We recommend that you emphasize all the specific requirements you have during the conclusion of the agreement.

If you want the sculpture to be changed during the sculpting, it can affect the price and the deadline. Changes are an additional cost, the amount depends on the time that needs to be invested in this process.

How long does it take for the sculpture to be finished?

The answer to this question depends on the sculpture itself (materials, dimensions and complexity). The approximate time for making sculptures is from a few weeks to several months. It is often necessary for the sculpture to be ordered several months in advance, due to other pre-arranged jobs. Feel free to contact us for any information.


What can be ordered?

Decorative sculptures (interior design, office space, luxuriously equipped spaces)

New Year’s decoration of squares and parks

Public sculptures (monuments, busts)

Props for movies, series, theater


Human figures, portrait

Animal sculpture, wildlife sculpture

Fantasy and mythical creatures, characters from movies






What materials are used to make sculptures?

The choice of material affects the appearance of the sculpture, the overall price, the possibility of the sculpture being placed outdoors or only indoors, as well as the time required to make the sculpture.

If you are not sure what material you want your sculpture to be made of, contact us and we will agree on all the details.

Polyester (Fiberglass) – is suitable for making sculptures that are placed outdoors. It is extremely resistant to all weather conditions, durable and strong.

Fiberglass is a complex material made of glass threads interconnected by synthetic resin. This is a composite material that is resistant to all weather conditions as well as temperature fluctuations.

Due to its good mechanical properties (strength and elasticity) and resistance to chemical influences, it is widely used in various industries (shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, sports equipment and many others).

Thanks to its fast construction as well as the price, which is more affordable than bronze, fiberglass is used to make monuments all over the world. Sculptures made of this material are very durable.

Polyester sculptures can also be used for bronze casting.

Wood – wooden sculptures are suitable for the interior or for an exterior, but just in case if it is protected from rain or snow.

Iron reinforcement is used for the construction of the sculpture. It is used only when it is necessary for the safety and strength of the sculpture (for example, for sculptures of larger dimensions, placed in the open). Styrofoam as well as other materials are also used for production.

Can a polyester sculpture look like it is made of bronze?

Yes. The sculpture you order can be bronze imitation. Sculpture made of polyester can look like bronze, thanks to the painting process and painting skills of an artist. Also, the original sculpture can be used to make the same bronze sculpture even after it has been placed outdoors for years.