About us


About DejanArt and our atworks


Dejan Zdravkovic was born in Serbia in 1987. He has a degree in fine arts.

He founded the company Dejan-Art in 2015. The company is engaged in the creation of original artworks (sculptures and paintings), as well as artworks that have been commissioned. So far, a large number of commissioned sculptures have been made, both for individuals and for companies, as well as for public places such as squares and parks.

The sculptures are sculpted by hand, we use the highest quality tools and materials, and each sculpture is unique.

When you order or purchase a sculpture, you will be the only one to own it. Only in case you need more than one of the same sculpture, made of fiberglass, a mold is made and that mold will not be used for any other client.

On the Instagram profile, you can see what the sculpting process looks like, which sculptures are currently available for purchase, as well as which projects we are currently working on.


Company name: DEJAN-ART

Address: Kralja Petra 26, 35226 Kusiljevo, Serbia

Registration number: 64030671

Tax number (PIB): 109234072

Previous public commissions:

Just out – The biggest knight festival in Europe (Replicas of medieval torture devices)

Babaroga 2018 – Steakhouse restaurant (Bull sculpture, sculptures of animals)

Atelier 212 – Theater (Horse Sculpture)

Elementary school Jovan Jovanović Zmaj (Bust of Jovan Jovanović Zmaj)

National theater in Belgrade (Cow sculptures)

Hocevar DOO (Slovenia) (Bull sculpture)

Happy TV (Human Sculpture)

Municipality of Svilajnac (Sculptures of New Year’s lanterns)

Natural History Center of Serbia (murals)